Sunday, 30 March 2014


And when your recurring dreams
become your recurring nightmares,
and we just can't get ourselves clean,
how will you find out who gives who dares?

Craft dearest wings that faded,
beginning brilliant white, twisted
to matte black firmly jaded.

Isn't it all just constructs?
Bricks and mortar,
maybe break from our quarters.

So let your recurring dreams
become your recurring nightmares.
We're not going to get ourselves clean;
give it your all, tell us it's fair.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

In Grateful Disgrace

Creative destructions
of boundless ruptures.
Shattered windows, severed 
memories. Divinity and 
sweet resolution with 
awful repercussion.

Banishment from reason,
we push our wrists into 
grafted oblivions.
Are we grateful?
Caressed moonlight
bring blackened soul light. 


Words of defiance fall
upon deaf ears, keen
to find sunlight in dark corners.
What bright lights we hold
over our shoulders, absconded.
In his silences you solicit
words that should not repeat to 
We are all but blank canvases 
tainted by the shadows that dance
across broken easels and
misguided grooves, buried into
unstoppable routine. 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013



Bitter iron.
Heavy breath.
Sweeter release.
Quick death.
Catch you later,
this is my stop.



Take your cold, hard stares
they are not welcome here.
Place them elsewhere. Elsewhere,
is where I would rather be,
alongside the sun, the sea.
Saints and heavenly angels,
where the rich binge and the poor are purged
and the only freedom you find is
the lead found in your chest.



Maybe Monday moves,
makes mavericks of men,
makes monsters of mistresses.
Morning meanders meaninglessly,
moreover makes melancholy melodies.
The letter M is a dick.

A pale green gaze

A pale green gaze

Pale green gaze of a thousand yards.
Deep apathy of monotonous flatline.
Alphabetical complexes begin cessation.

Preserve a legacy.

Qualify for evasion.

Relinquish breath.


Move this man.